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The Light Empire

The Empire of Stars

TLE BETA 3.0 With ALL Features

The Light Empire is RogueLike Strategy game. You are in the role of a young officer who goes into battle to destroy an orbiting platform, emitting waves quarrels long and medium scanners worn. During your mission you'll be able to browse through a vast and infinite galaxy. As this will be your first day in this battle will require you arm, and get money to upgrade your ship during the game. You will also be able to establish a forward base and find another ship (allies as enemies) during your trip. So beware you.

The game is currently on steam GreenLight to this address :

Steam GreenLight

Main feature of the game

  • Random generation of the Galaxy
  • Your choices are final, no turning back
  • Create your ship as you like
  • Weapon, shield, dodge of the ship, maneuvering speed, everything is taken into account
  • Level system spaceship
  • Mining asteroids and other .. Level System for mining
  • Unique random Events on each map
  • Battle system turn based, (which leaves you time to choose the strategy of attack)
  • Entirely free game, you have no specific goal, you advance at your own pace
  • Ability to create a forward base (to help you during your trip)

These are just the main feature of the game, I let you discover for yourself all the content !

Upcoming Features

  • Possibility of landing on the planets for visits (for 2D platform style)
  • Added new destinations (Planets and others ...)
  • Overhaul of combat system, for more dynamism and new developments that will be added
  • Adding the "story" mode (soon)

Hoping to have given you the mouth watering, support me for the project and vote "yes" for it to be part of the Steam store.

Steam GreenLight

Again thank you for your support I hope many of you will, very soon!


TLE BETA 2.0.exe (96 MB)

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